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Cause baby it's cold outside! Pomogeranate Babies has come up with the cutest & coolest idea when it comes to keeping your little one warm - the Car Set Cardigan. This is amazing because it eliminates the need to over bundle baby up just to make it from the house to the car. These beautiful cardigans are hand knit and they will fit pretty much any standard infant car seat. The elastic trim makes it simple to place around your car seat - then just add baby!
The have 14 different adorable styles to choose from and the option of adding an additional layer of fleece for the really cold months. This goes on just like the Car Seat Cardigan, you just place in underneath the cardigan for an added barrier. It is so nice to be able to place baby inside the car seat & button him up and then be able to head out knowing he is warm. It saves so much time because I no longer have to turn him into a human marshmallow with heavy clothing. You might still want to put a hat on him though. Visit Pomegranate Babies to pick up your own Car Seat Cardigan. Give your little one the gift of adorable, portable, warmth without the bulky layers!Best Blogger Tips

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Anonymous said...

I gave one of these to a friend, she absolutely LOVES it and says people are constantly stopping to comment on it! Great gift!

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