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Here is one time that last minute shopping actually works to your benefit. The Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Holiday Kit has just gone on sale for only$49.99 (a $112 value)! We all want to look like we just vacationed somewhere exotic and with this helpful gift set you can achieve that look from the privacy of your bathroom! I can vouch for this one - I ended up looking suntanned, non-orange, and streak-free....if you know me personally than you might remember previous unfortunate incidents with self tanning products. Even I could not screw this kit up!

It comes with 4 full size products:
  1. Mystic Tan's new Exfoliating Wash - great to use before you apply the tanning spray and it leaves your skin refined and without clogged pores
  2. Sunless Conditioning Complex - this is your base - this conditioning complex uses Mystic Tan's patented NutraMist to give your skin deep hydrating that makes sure the color is distributed evenly, plus it makes your skin feel really moisturized!
  3. Sunless Tanning Spray Face & Body - the is the product that you use to build your tan - you don't have to rub it in (Yay - no more orange between your fingers!). You can actually spray the can upside down should you so desire. The non-flammable propellants make it safe for the environment as well.
  4. Sunless Enhancing Moisturizer Body - this is the final step towards boosting your tan - this is an amazing moisturizer enriched with vitamins that will help extend your tanning results. You can use it daily!
Make sure to take advantage of this great deal and this fantastic tan creating gift set! I can't get over how good it works or how good the price is! You can pick up yours at your local Sephora.Best Blogger Tips

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