Beauty-ful Gifts: Mally Beauty

Mally Beauty has all the ingredients to get you glowing. I am a huge fan of the Eye Shadow Base. It's amazing the difference it can make when you start with a great base. The little veins on your lids seem to vanish and the even color makes for a perfect surface for your eye makeup. You simply rub in this cream formula and it will dry to a powder - this not only makes keeps your eye shadow crease free but it will help it last all day!
Mally Beauty has another handy little trick for looking fresh faced - the Liquid Light Eye Brightener. This is really a jack of all trades. You can use it on your eyes, your cheeks, your brow bones, even the bridge of your nose. It's extremely portable because it comes in a powder form and you just swirl a little in your hand to turn it to liquid. It gives you a beautiful highlight & glow! It feels very hydrating when you apply and I love it for making my eyes look a little less sleepy - I can even pass for bright eyed & bushy tailed on my usual five hours of sleep. It has earned a permanent place in my purse as a sure fire beauty pick me up for my typical rushed morning!
I struggle a great deal with under eye circles. I'm sure it has something to do with the lack of sleep but I have never been able to conquer them. A good concealer is hard to find. I want it to smoothly hide my circles with out looking cakey or cracking. I want it to look natural. Packaged in a super cute & convenient kit is the Cancellation Concealer System. It comes with a cream concealer that does an excellent job of hiding dark circles or blemishes and then the Eye Light Setting Powder that you apply on top to set it in place & make it last throughout the day. It even comes complete with Mally's double ended concealer brush. The end result is a flawless coverage that looks like your not wearing any concealer at all.

One last product I am loving is the Shimmer, Shape, and Glow Face Defining System. This fab product is a celeb favorite & has earned a reputation as Mally's signature product! You can actually achieve that red carpet glow without the help of a makeup artist. This 3-step set of 3 beautiful powders are simple to apply and highlight your cheek bones in the perfect way. The handy pink carrying case makes it easy to use anywhere. Another thing to love - it works! You first apply a little shimmer (place it on the tips of your cheekbones), you secondly apply the shaping powder (suck in your cheeks like a fish), and lastly you apply the glow (apply in a circular motion directly on the apple of your cheek). Voila!

Mally Beauty has so many great items for your friends, family, and yourself. I love the gorgeous packaging and convenience of their systems. More than anything I love how well the products work and how simple they are to use! Make sure to visit Mally Beauty and see what they have for you.Best Blogger Tips

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