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I know I have a little boy and maybe they aren't supposed to love dolls and all things baby but mine does. I think of it as he will make an excellent daddy one day and hey - he did just get a little brother so I think the baby obsession is only natural. When we opened the box that held Joovy's new toys the Toy Carseat & Toy Caboose - he was crazy excited. These toys keep him as entertained as his trains and that is saying a lot. He has a baby elmo and he pushes it everywhere. He even thinks to bring along a blanket & bottle for his little red guy. He also wants to push his stroller on walks and take the car seat along with us. This is a little hard for hubby to swallow but it might just be because it's bright pink with polka dots (they also have it available in blue). I can only imagine how much a little girl would love this toy collection especially since it is loved so much by my little boy.

I have a Joovy Caboose stroller and the toy stroller is an impressive replica. It is exactly like the real thing. It even has the option to change out the stroller snack tray for the car seat attachment piece - just like mine. It has a 5 point harness complete with 2 adjustable height options. The seat will recline into one of 2 positions. It has a backseat & a rear platform for all of your child's favorite stuffed friends and dolls. It has a padded handle, storage basket, removable canopy, 2 position footrest, and it folds up for compact, easy storage. I am blown away. Where was this toy when I was a kid? It is incredible - the Rolls Royce of kiddy strollers. The Joovy Toy Caboose is fully compatible with the Joovy Toy Carseat. This carseat is a great way to teach your child the importance of riding in a carseat. It actually does make my son a better sport about sitting in his carseat - provided his Joovy Toy Carseat is strapped in beside him. This carseat actually comes with the base for your car and has been crash tested for passenger safety - nope, I am not kidding. This toy set is so realistic that your child will be reminding you how to operate your Joovy Caboose.I see this as that one toy a child will get so excited about on Christmas morning. It is the toy you will pass down to each of your children and it is so well made it will last for the long haul. I am still amazed at how realistic the Joovy Toys are! Visit Joovy today to pick up this incredible toy stroller & carseat set. PS - they also have a toddler toy carseat! You can SAVE 25% off Joovy toy items when you use the code 'blogspecial' at the Joovy checkout!Best Blogger Tips

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