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One of my biggest struggles with nursing is finding clothing that allows easy access for my child. You don't want to have to remove your shirt in order to feed the baby. I really despise having to pull my shirt up b/c I hate having my stomach exposed. This means I am constantly dressing in layers or low cut tops. I was so excited to discover Motherwear! They have a full line of stylish clothing that is nursing friendly.

The dress above is the Pintuck Dress and right now it is on sale for only $40! This dress is made of an eco-friendly fabric called Soybean. I was unfamiliar to this fabric but after wearing this adorable dress I instantly saw the benefits. This bio-degradable fabric keeps you feeling cool in the heat and warm in the cold. It's also very comfortable. I love how this dress has side openings that make nursing a breeze - you cannot tell when a baby is nursing and nothing on you is exposed (see picture below)! The roomy feel of the dress makes it my favorite option for looking both stylish and relaxed.Another favorite item from Motherwear is the Nautical Twin Set (on sale for only $19). This is the easiest top I have ever nursed in! It was like having a built in nursing cover - you just pull aside the top layer and it has inner side access for baby. I also love the cut of it because it is very slimming and forgiving for a new mother. I found Motherwear to be stylish, comfortable, and a way to make nursing easier. I think this is great because the more convenient it is for mothers to nurse - the longer they will nurse!
Take a moment to visit Motherwear and see the huge selection available - they are currently having their fall clearance sale and some of the items are as much as 50% off! They have by far the best collection of nursing clothing that you would actually want to wear and will continue to wear even when your child is no longer breastfeeding. You can get free ground shipping on any order over $75 when you enter the code FA89 at checkout. Below are a few pictures of me trying to model the items above from Motherwear.
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mrs.mommyy said...

that dress is adorable!Wow what a great idea

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