Yes, I know this isn't actually a toy but to my little boy - Dinosoles are as good as a toy. Although he isn't a huge fan of dinosaurs thus far, he is a huge fan of anything that lights up. Finding shoes that have light up eyes was pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread to him (actually if we are being honest...the coolest thing since he discovered peanut butter & jelly - I don't think he would get the whole sliced bread analogy). I have nominated Dinosoles as one of my Top Toy picks because not only are the cute, fun, and something other than the typical toy but because I like the idea of giving your child something they can wear & enjoy on a daily basis.

It is hard to find clothing that will get a little man excited. My son would wear his batman pjs everyday if I would let him. Other than the caped crusader apparel he could care less. However, he must wear his Dinosoles everyday. He has to show every person he meets how the light up. He skips right over the "Hi" and goes straight to "Look at my shoes. They light up! They have glowing eyes!" He also believes that these shoes are essential to his survival should it get dark outside and his feet need to light the way because they are the only lights that work in the whole world. Hmm...to be inside the mind of a 3 year old.

Dinosoles has many different fun dinosaur styles to choose from like the T-Rex, Raptor, and the Stegosaurus. They also leave cool dinosaur footprints when your child walks through soft surfaces or gets the sole wet. Visit the Dinosoles shop to pickup the pair of shoes your son will not soon forget! They also have cool dinosaur tees, hats, & backpacks. Check out the pictures of Connor wearing his Dinosoles -
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