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I love to be able to give friends and family items I know will be unique, special, one of a kind. Hier Apparel is full of items like this. It will actually make your holiday shopping pretty quick and painless, plus you can do it from home! I really like the Muuda Computer Clutch you see pictured above. This is such a nice alternative to a the typical laptop bag - I know I would be really proud to carry it and I have feeling this would become the type of bag that gets handed down throughout the years. This handcrafted leather bag is made with padding for your laptop but if you want to use it as a clutch it can be made with out the padding. Hier Apparel will make it custom for you - see you can have couture.
My personal favorite item from Hier Apparel are the Reversible Tube Scarves! I love this idea. I am not very talented when it come to wrapping scarves around my neck & achieving the effortless celebrity look. The Tube Scarf does all the work for you. You just slip it over your head much like a turtleneck and it does the rest. You look chic and you have the option of reversing it to another color. This is a great gift to present your lady friends with! Hier Apparel has many beautiful and unique items to choose from so be sure to visit her shop to check them out - you must see the Obi Sling Bags! You can also check her out on her myspace page or to be sure to stay in the know - drop her an email at hierapparel@gmail.com and let her know you want to be part of her emailing list! Below is a picture of me wearing my Reversible Tube Scarf from Hier Apparel for my first night out since Jackson was born:
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