Nursing on the go just got easier!

Nursing pillows make it so much easier to nurse. They put baby at just the right height and they save your back. It seems that the times a nursing pillow would be the most helpful to me is always when I'm away from the home and trying to nurse in some awkward upright chair. I tend to nurse in my comfy bed slouched down on pillows at home. The smart solution to needing a nursing helper when you are out and about is the Thrupenny Bit.
Thrupenny Bits have a thought out design that makes them easy to toss over your shoulder and tote just like you would your purse. Even cooler - when baby stops needing this pillow you can take out the insert and actually use it as a purse. Now that's a product that you will use for the long haul. I love the stylish fabrics available and the way you could take it on the go. It is really easy to toss over the handles on your stroller and it looks so similar to a handbag people aren't thinking "why is she bringing a pillow to the mall?". I also discovered it worked well as a portable pillow for my baby boy to relax on. The shape & filling makes it perfect for keeping his wobbly body & head upright. My oldest son likes to use it to prop his head up in the car when napping. I get a lot of use out of my Thrupenny Bit.

One of the best things about Thrupenny Bits is the amazing fabrics! They have such a chic and high end look that you feel fine about tossing the pillow on the couch or your bed. I love that when you see one it doesn't scream "baby!". My house is completely filled with all things baby & preschooler so I am thrilled to find a baby option that looks like something I would choose to decorate my home with.

You can get the insert bag filled with either polystyrene beads or buckwheat hulls. Mine has the polystyrene beads - I really like them because they are weightless! The buckwheat hulls are a little heavier but they are better for the environment and they will retain their shape. Unfortunately, the polystyrene beads will flatten over time - mine haven't yet though. If you are looking for a pillow that is portable - definitely go with the polystyrene option. It is so nice to have one less heavy thing to carry around!

Check out the video of it in use and make sure to visit Thrupenny Bits to see all the great fabrics and to get one for yourself!

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