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I remember when I got my Ipod about 2 years ago and we paid well over $200 for a 2G Nano. I thought wow - this is so small and cool! This is before I got the chance to try out the Sansa Clip - my Ipod has now been permanently replaced. Talk about a bargain , you can get a 2G Clip for only $60, 1G for $40, 4G for only $80 and soon to be released an 8G for only $99! That's right - I got double the storage space for about a 3rd of the price. If the price doesn't sell you instantly then some of the features should steer you straight to the store. For starters it is really tiny , only 2.7 x 1.35 inches. Seriously, this baby is extremely small and it won't take up the valuable space in your already jammed packed bag. A plus to that compact size is the weight is next to nothing, only .92 ounces - this means you won't even know it's there when you are taking your daily jog. It also has a clip on the back that makes attaching it to anything super easy. I love this feature for exercising and it also makes it easy to locate in your bag. I have also found household chores to be a little less tedious with this little guy clipped to my waist!

The Sansa Clip also comes complete with a FM radio with up to 40 preset channels and a built in microphone so that you can record notes (like don't forget tomorrow is your kid's day to bring snack). It also comes with a 30 day trial to rhapsody and it's available in 5 colors. Did I mention that you don't have to use itunes with the Clip (thank God) - instead you just drag and drop your music. It is really simple to use! This would be a great gift for your hubby or child (or you) and with the price & size it could be a great addition to some one's stocking!Best Blogger Tips

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Jeff and Mandee said...

I got one of these for for husband for his birthday last year. He just loves it and it was so much cheaper than an iPod!

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