Vado Pocket Video Camera

The Vado Pocket Video Camera is pretty impressive for something so small. I now shoot all of the videos you see on Now What Baby with it. It's actually about the same size as my cell phone and it fits perfectly in my purse or diaper bag. One of my favorite features is the easy way you can upload videos straight to your computer. All you do is flip out the flexible USB tab and it instantly uploads to your computer using the built in software. If you want to share on youtube or photobucket - the software has built in buttons to make it as easy as possible.

I have a hard time keeping up with USB cables and chargers so it is so nice that it comes built in to the Vado Pocket Video Camera. While you are adding your videos to your computer the camera is charging. You only have to pack the camera and you are good to go. No need for batteries! Its very simple to use - my son could do it. It's surprisingly durable and it's available in pink or silver.

I really am very impressed with the quality of the videos shot by this tiny camera. They are clear and vivid. It even has a 2x digital zoom. You can shot an hour of video on the camera and the battery will last for at least that long. I edit lots of videos and this is by far the easiest video camera I have ever used - it is also the easiest for transferring to my computer. I can't believe it only costs $99, remember how much you paid for your first video camera?

This would make a great holiday gift for any parent or maybe even a teenager! You can enter to win your own by becoming a Facebook Fan of Creative - click here to find out more!I always have mine with me now and that was how I was able to capture the spur of the moment insane-sugar-buzz that my son experienced on Halloween. I added the video below so that you can see the Vado in action:
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Chris said...

I could use some of Connor's energy. It would make studying all day easier. See you guys in a few weeks.

Danielle said...

Just curious, does the video have sound? I really like the idea of this camera, but would need it to record the sound too!
Thanks for the heads up on another cool product!!

Melissa said...

It does have sound. I added the music so you wouldn't hear all the background noise or how hard I was laughing at my little guy. The sound quality is good. The Kidijamz video has sound on it and I used the Vado cam to record that. I hope that helps! :)

RebekahC said...

That's pretty nice! I haven't heard of this before.

nanja said...

I love the charging feature! No battery hassels. So convenient

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