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I don't think that you can ever have too many solid tees. When it comes to the basics of your wardrobe you will find yourself reaching for your favorite simple tee & tank every time. It is a staple of a well nourished wardrobe. You need perfect fitting sold tees & tanks. If you are like me then you probably believe that you need them in lots of different colors as well. The tees and tanks from LnA are the perfect staple for your closet.
The high-end tops are popular with Hollywood celebs like Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Charlize Theron, Heidi Klum, and that is just naming a few. While the price tag might seem a little steep for a solid tee ($50 +), once you try it on you will see why it's worth the price. I have bought so many cheap white tanks and tees at stores like Target & Walmart. They all cost about $12 and after about 3 washing they look like crap and I toss them. I keep having to buy the same item repeatedly and sadly - it has never looked that good to begin with. The fabric was poor quality and the fits are always too tight, too short, too low. It seems like it makes more sense to invest in tees & tanks that can not only hold up but that flatter you. The 100% cotton fabric looks nice for day or night. Think about it - what do you end up wearing the most? In my life it's solid tees & tanks. Check out LnA to see the huge range of colors and the different styles (they even have dresses). They also have clothing for your man as well!

Here I am in my tops from LnA:
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