Dianne Brill

I always seem to become that woman with the bad makeup line or the one that has the cakey looking makeup on. Thus I hardly ever wear liquid foundation. I am not that talented at application and I hate when makeup looks too thick & fake. Although I was intrigued by the idea of trying a foundation with black pearls and did not have very high expectations.

Dianne Brill's Smoothing Coverage Foundation with Black Sea Pearls is amazing. There is no other way to explain it. Hands down it is the best liquid foundation I have tried to date. Every time I use it on my skin people compliment me. They can't quite figure out what is different but they do say I look great and my skin glows! It is lightweight enough that it lets my freckles shine though and makes you look like you aren't wearing makeup. It looks natural but it evens out your skin tone and hides your blemishes!!!!

The foundation uses a combination of Black Sea Pearls and Freshwater Pearls. Pearls have precious proteins that feed your skin calcium and amino acids. They have been shown to be important for the production of elastin & collagen (those are the things that keep your skin taut and give it elasticity). The formula also helps to reduce redness and give you a "pearl" like glow to your face. No joke, this is an incredible foundation. I just don't think I can sing it's praises enough - when I wear it I feel classy, polished, and a little elegant - and I am saying this in sneakers and jeans.

Another favorite of mine from Dianne Brill is her Little Nothings Sheer Lipsticks. The lipsticks give you a barely there hint of color that allows you to look like you aren't trying too hard at that PTA meeting. They give off warm nude shades and high impact sheers. The lipsticks glide on and feel moisturizing to your lips. They look a lot like you are wearing only gloss but it's not sticky like gloss and it's easier to apply because of the lipstick form. All of the colors have just a hint of sparkle. They are available in 5 great shades. Currently my favorite shade is the French Maid Garter - it has a dual gold & pearl shine to the sheer pink tone....so pretty! Visit Dianne Brill to see her full cosmetic line and you can pick up some for yourself at Beauty Habit.Best Blogger Tips

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