Learning can be fun!

Thinkativity's award winning collection of educational toys is sure to have something for every child. My son recently got the opportunity to play with the Feed and Learn Singing Croc and it couldn't have come at a better time for us. He is in preschool and they are trying to teach the three year olds the ABC's. Crazy as it is he already has homework and it consists of us working on the alphabet each day. Connor strongly resisted doing flash cards or any other method I could think of to work on sounds & letter recognition. The Feed & Learn Singing Croc is fun for Connor. He is learning a great deal and he doesn't think of it as work. He actually begs us to play the game with him.

The concept of the Feed & Learn Singing Croc is pretty simple. You place the letters into the Croc's mouth and he sings a little song about the letter you have inserted. Then you close his mouth and the letter goes into his tummy and you can retrieve it. The little songs get stuck in your head and make it easy for your child to remember - like "Z is for zebra & Z is for zoo. Z is the very last letter". We like to "race" Connor to find the A and put it in Croc's mouth first and so on. Recently I have caught him playing with it on his own and humming along.

It's neat to find a company that puts an emphasis on learning. All of the great games & toys from Thinkativity will find a sneaky way to teach your child something in a way that feels natural & fun to them. Here is a short video of the Feed & Learn Singing Croc:
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