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HALO's patented Coolmax fabric helps prevent skin rash on your child by keeping them dry. The one of a kind fabric rapidly drys moisture protecting your baby. There are so many benefits to dressing your munchkin in the Technical Comfort System with Coolmax fabric because it is perfect for any season. It helps keep baby cool when the temperature is warm and by doing so it aids in preventing dyhedration from sweating. It also keeps baby warm when it is cold outside. It even has an SPF of 30+!

The fabric is completely machine washable & chemical free. It's such a nice option when it comes to safety for your baby. My favorite is the thoughtful design of an inverted zipper on the coveralls. This means it unzips from the bottom up. My son's main reason for crying at diaper changes is he gets cold. With the zipper opening this way it makes it possible to keep his upper half warmly zipped inside. Another thing about the fabric is that it is the perfect weight. I feel confident that he is warm enough but he is also not a ball of sweat and it feels light and soft to the touch. Coolmax fabric is also available in bodysuits, two-piece sets, and hats. You can purchase yours and see the variety of colors from HALO.

Below are a few pictures of Jackson modeling HALO'S Technical Comfort System with Coolmax. If you slide your mouse over any picture it will enlarge.
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Amanda said...

I always want to get clothes for my little girl that are comfortable for her and are light. These are great. Also check these shirts.

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