A creative keepsake for new big sibs

When I found out Connor was going to be a big brother I was a little worried how he would react. He was accustomed to being the star of the show and I was concerned he wouldn't want to share the limelight. So for months I searched for a gift that would help him feel special and connected to his brother. When I found There's a brand new baby in the house and I'm the Big Brother by Susan Lignon - I was thrilled. It is so much more than a book. It allows your child to create a keepsake of memories that they author themselves.

I love that the book focuses on the how exciting it is to become an older sibling. It has sections to fill out like how they helped get ready for the new baby, a place to put big brother's hand prints next to baby brother's, write about the first time they held their new sibling, and even a place to record the things they want to teach their little sibling when they get older. Connor and I had so much fun filling out this book together. Currently it is the book we have to read over and over before bedtime. He loves hearing about himself and his little brother through his words. It is such a great way to make him feel important and to make him feel more connected to the new baby in the house. Have a little girl? Don't worry, they also make a big sis version!

Check out some of the pictures of Connor pretending to read me his book - he actually does a pretty good job just from memory. The pictures and the fact that he helped author it probably make it stick in his mind too!

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