BPA Free Pacis!

Why should your bottle be the only thing that is BPA-free for your baby? Born Free has thoughtfully created a BPA-free pacifier that is made for use during both night and day. This great pacifier has also been designed with an orthodontic collapsible teat that encourages your baby's teeth and gums to develop naturally. The breathable shield protects baby's sensitive skin and helps to prevent irritation. There are a lot of things about this pacifier that I love besides the peace of mind it provides by being 100% BPA-free.

I love the way the flexible handle stays in place and doesn't flip up against my baby's nose. I love the bright colors and perfect size that doesn't smash into my son's face. He is very picky about his pacifiers and the Born Free pacifier is one that he really likes. See the picture of him peacefully sleeping with his pacifier. You can purchase a 2 pack from the Born Free website for only $7.99!
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