Baby K'Tan

How cute are the adorable carrier's from Baby K'Tan? If it wasn't for this adorable option I doubt I would be getting much of anything done right now. What is it about newborns and their inability to sleep without being held? Jackson can sleep all day....just so long as I let him do it on my chest. With the Baby K'Tan carrier he gets to stay nestled against me and hands free - this is how I was able to type this review, do the dishes, wash clothing, go to the park, grocery shop, you get the idea.

I love how the Baby K'Tan carrier grows with your child, up to 42 lbs. It's super comfy and made with 100% cotton so you can toss it in the washer (which you will need to do). The thing that makes it unique is the double sling design. It gives you the ability to carry baby in 8 different positions and they are kind enough to send you step by step photo instructions for each position. We spend most of our time now using the cradle position but I have popped Connor (my 3 year old) on my back. The Hug is another favorite option because it makes me feel really close to my little guy and when we are walking he likes to sit upright. You can also use it when breastfeeding to create a discrete cover.

You can get your Baby K'Tan in one of 8 patterns/colors and they will even embroider it should you so please. My carrier even had the option of a matching hat - too cute! Keep a look out this fall for when they start carrying the sling in organic cotton too. Another thing to love about mom created Baby K'Tan is that they generously donate a percentage of all their sales to the American Heart Association and to programs for families & individuals living with Down syndrome.

Below are a few pics of Jackson & I using our Baby K'Tan:

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