This Week's Pregnancy Find - YIM

Jeans are a must have clothing item in my life - they are pretty much all that I wear. Thus, I am pretty picky about my denim. When you're pregnant it seems that you must sacrifice so much of your usual style but with jeans I am unwilling to compromise. This is why I was really thrilled to stumble upon YIM. Their unique maternity jeans are made to stretch and form to your rapidly changing body. They have an inner adjustable elastic band that you can choose to wear tighter in the beginning of your pregnancy and then you can loosen as your belly grows. The jeans sit comfortably under your baby bulge and they are also made with stretch material. When pregnant or after you have a baby - stretch is your friend.

I wore the bootleg YIM jeans right up until giving birth to my son and the comfort they provided was impressive. I loved that weeks after having my son they adjusted to fit my changing body shape. I remember buying jeans almost double my pre-baby size 3 months after the birth of my first child and almost crying in the fitting room. Lets be honest - most women do not instantly return to their pre-pregnancy size. It took me 10 months to get that big and it will probably take me longer to get back to my old size (if ever). With smartly designed maternity pants like the YIM line the pressure to shrink it much less. You would never know the pants are maternity and you can enjoy pulling the elastic in one button tighter over time.
YIM Jeans have been a great asset to my wardrobe and I would greatly recommend taking a moment to see all that they have to offer. YIM has a wide variety of options. Their jeans are available in several great washes & you'll find bootleg, skinnyleg, straightleg, and wideleg. In addition to the great denim variety YIM also offers Cords, Crops, Skirts, Tops, and Cargo Pants. Visit their site to fit a list of stockists and to see photos of their line. Below are some pictures of me wearing the bootleg jean and denim skirt - the pictures are from about 2 weeks after the birth of my son.

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