Pinpoint your Lashes

I have two things that I consider mandatory before I leave the house - bronzer & mascara. Thus I am pretty picky about both of these items. Too Faced has released a great new mascara called Lash Injection Pinpoint. The premise behind the name is that it has been designed to target each and every lash to create long and separated lashes. It uses 3D Polymers to build waterproof tubes around each lash and the tubes stretch far beyond the natural lash line. The brush is slimmer and makes it easier to "pinpoint" your lashes! It promises no smudges, which are a pet peeve of mine.

So now you want to know if it actually worked for me. I was pretty impressed with it. My lashes did look longer than usual and it definitely dosn't smear or rub off. I'm planning on wearing it in the delivery room for the ultimate test. The more coats you apply the more dramatic the effect becomes and you can feel more glam! I am such a mascara junkie and the first time it leaves me with undesired smoky eyes I will send it straight to the trash can. Thus far - Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint has made itself a lasting home in my makeup bag. It's amazing how much of a difference wearing a good mascara can make. Visit Too Faced to get your own!Best Blogger Tips

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