Handmade Soothing Relief

Baby Bomb was instantly bookmarked as a great spot to buy baby shower gifts not to mention gifts for my family as well. I love the adorable animals above that are not just a stuffed friend but a safe baby toy for your child. They have a rattle inside and are designed with the idea that baby will probably want to use them as a chew toy. The fabrics on these one of a kind baby toys are hard to resist and would look adorable in your nursery or in a gift bag at your best friend's baby shower!My favorite item from Baby Bomb is the Soother Savers. It is rough when your baby is crying and you can't find that paci anywhere. Worse yet - there it is on the floor at Walmart and you forgot to pack wet wipes. The Soother Savers are not only a practical must have product but they are really unique and cute. I am really enamored with the owl & the elephant but I also adore the guitar and the Momma/Baby Bird. I am not good at making choices. The soother saver has a ribbon that snaps to your paci and then metal clip that can be attached to baby's shirt, bib, diaper bag, the blanket, etc... Now you won't be searching for it desperately! Visit Baby Bomb to find the Soother Saver for you and to get the chance to see all that this adorable shop has to offer!! Check out Jaden using the Elephant Soother Saver:

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