Back to School Week - Get Organized Mom!

Ok Moms - Back to School time is hectic for all parents! I only have one preschooler and it stresses me out, so I can only imagine what it would be like to send several kids off to school. The schedules must be overwhelming. I've found a little bit of help for you because Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer by Amy Keroes makes it pretty impossible not to become more organized and it's so nice to have everything in one place.

One quick look through this Family Organizer and you can tell it was made by a mom. It is incredibly well thought out. The calendar section allows you to fill in the dates and has a weekly & monthly format. I love that the weekly at a glance calendar has a place to put your dinner plans, kids activities and notes. I frequently forget what I purchased for dinner at the grocery store and them I discover it in the back of the freezer months later. I like the idea of being able to jot down an outline for the day and remind myself of what has been bought at the store for this week's dinners. It also has a pull out 3 month calendar made just for summer!

It includes a section called Family 411. This is the smartest way to stay organized. There is a thought out place for everything to do with your family here from emergency contacts to the guy that cleans your carpets. It's such a smart idea for you to have a place to write down the painter, dog walker, plumber, and so on in one easy to find location. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted searching for the bug guy's phone number. How helpful to have it all in one organized book. It has a place to store your neighborhood takeout numbers, kids school numbers & teacher numbers, PTA contacts/room mamas, playgroups, playmates, kids activities and classes, and even babysitters. This book could be a life saver should your honey ever have to take care of any of those details or someone have to fill in in your absence.

I know it's hard to believe it could keep your more organized but the binder even has a section dedicated to planning out vacations, birthday parties, remembering birthday and weekly menus. It also has easy pull out lists and sticky notes for a note to the teacher, to do, to remember, babysitter info, grocery list, your weekly menu, store checklist, out the door checklist, long tern & short term checklists. It has pretty much everything. A little tip I would try is to make a master copy of each page before you write all over it so that you can continue to add to your binder as time goes on. You might have different info for the school year next year.

You can pick up your copy of Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer by Amy Keroes at Chronicle Books. Seriously - it is a great organizational device!!Best Blogger Tips

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