Making mom's hair look good

Mom's have a tendency to put their beauty on the back burner to anything else that needs to be done. I can remember spending a relaxing hour or more getting ready each morning before having a child. Now - I'm lucky if I put in the time for an actual shower in the morning. Usually I get to take a rushed one before bed and my hair is suffering the consequences.

Sally Hershberger has a line of hair products that work for all types of hair. She has specially formulated hair products for normal, thick, thin, and wavy hair. Her products are loved by celebs and I constantly see them popping up in my magazines next to how to get hair like Hollywood's ladies. Another unique thing about Sally Hershberger is that she has thoughtfully put a how to video on her site for some of her hair products. It's pretty nice to get a demonstration from the stylist to the stars!

My favorite Sally Hershberger styling product is the Shagg Spray. This stuff is amazing. It makes my hair have the tousled layer look that I can never achieve on my own. It also holds the style in place for the day and it doesn't make it sticky or hard to move like hair spray. All you have to do is spray it on your hair and comb through or style with your fingers. I have found that it gives me two different looks when I spray it on dry hair and then blast it with my hair dryer and when I spray it on my dry hair and then let the air do it's thing. We recently attended an outdoor concert that was incredibly humid - I used the Shagg Spray and at the end of the night, my hair still looked chic! It's so easy to use and adds next to no time for your beauty routine. It has been a lifesaver for me and my nighttime showers because I spritz my dry hair in the morning and then simply blow dry for a minute and my hair looks like I put some effort into it! Thanks to Sally for giving me an easy way to improve my tired pony tail look!!Best Blogger Tips

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