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You know you have one. All of us have one. That one top thats a little bit risque and you always want to wear it for a night out but you have no idea how to do so without exposing yourself. Maybe the top is really low cut, maybe it has a too low of a back to wear a bra, maybe you don't quite fill it out. I have found a great solution for you!! Useful Chick Stuff can solve any wardrobe problem. They have affordable & easy to use solutions for all types of outfits.

Supportits are perfect for that top or dress that has a plunging back. You have been itching to wear it but you don't want to go out without some support. You simply use this adhesive bra - it covers your chest & provides support that lifts you up to where you need to be. It has no straps at all and it's reusable! If you have a low cut top or a flowing top or even a wrap dress that you fear might open or shift a little too far - try out the Tapeits. This double sided tape will hold your clothing right where you stick it. It honestly does work. I have been doing this a lot lately with some of my tops and it is pain free to remove. You could also use it to hide bra straps or adjust a hem for the night!

If the girls aren't quite up to filling out that top - Useful Chick Stuff has a quick fix for you. They have Boostits - these are great for giving you a little extra something. These jiggly inserts can be chosen in a full cup or a half cup size. You add them to your bra and voila - a boob job without a trip to the surgeon (much cheaper too). I will confess - this is probably my favorite Useful Chick Stuff product.

Underwhere? is this amazing underwear that leaves no lines under your clothing. I'm dead serious - I don't joke about panty lines. This is the perfect option to wear under those kinda see through white pants or your super tight skirt! Plus for an added bonus - they are actually pretty comfy!

Make sure you check out Useful Chick Stuff to see how they can make your wardrobe more functional. Stop waiting for the right way to wear that special top. Just order the proper secret weapon and go out in it. You don't have an excuse anymore!!Best Blogger Tips

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