An organized diaper bag?

Diaper bag disaster zone? Honestly, I'm lucky if I remember to even bring a diaper bag. I will confess that I have been stranded without a diaper before and had to run into a store to buy some. Thus I am not the best at being prepared or organized. However, the Boogaloo-Toys has a sanity saving diaper bag that has been a huge help to me.

The Change N'Go bag makes it pretty much impossible not to be organized. It has two divided and easy to see into sections on either side of the bag. The diaper bag velcro's together to make an easy to tote backpack and it even has buckles to attach it quickly to your stroller. Each side of the bag has bottle holders (currently we are using them as water bottle holders) - and you can get to the drinks without opening the bag. In the middle of the diaper bag there is a pad that not only stays put with velcro but plays music. It is so much easier to change your child with this organized bag. Simply open it and lay child on velcro pad - you have your diapers/wipes on one side and creams/toys/etc.. on the other. There is no digging involved. Also it has a two convient compartments on top for your cell phone or a pacifier. This bag is definitely contributing to my ability to stay sane.

Boogaloo-Toys also has an adorable plate called the Yumi Tumi Plate. The great thing about this plate is that it teaches your child the correct placement for silverware and their cup. The raised sides make it easier for your child to eat and lets be honest here - the plate is really cute. It is also equipped with a no slip grip on the bottom. Connor got a kick out of eating on this plate. He thought it was fun when he finished eating his green beans and dicovered that there were eyes under there. The plate looks like a smiling frog to me. You can get your Yumi Tumi Plate & Change N'Go bag from Boogaloo-Toys and thats not all they have to offer. Check out the video to see these products in use:
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