Stylish and flattering to all!

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. I love that you can find unique designs and that you don't wind up having the same thing as someone else. I usually spend my time searching for kid stuff on Etsy but I recently stumbled upon Snoozer Loser NY. I am completely infatuated with all of the loose, flowing tops available in this shop. They are flattering no matter what your body type might be and they are perfect for summer, actually now that I think about it.....they would be great in winter with a sweater too! Basically, you can get lots of use from the tops at Snoozer Loser NY.

I am almost 8 months pregnant and in the top I have on from Snoozer Loser NY - you can hardly tell. It looks so cute with fitted pants or a skirt. I keep coming back to look at this shop because it is so difficult for me to choose just one favorite. Make sure you take the time to visit Snoozer Loser NY and see what they have for you!

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