Get your own - this is My Bag!

You could pretty much get everything you need for your baby at Kushies. They have swimwear, outwear, nursing gear, bath stuff, bibs, blankets, bedding, toys, layette & playwear - and that is not all! Kushies also has really affordable prices. The too-cute bib on baby Jaden below is only $5.00 and they give you free shipping on orders over $100!

I have a few favorite items from the Kushie collection I would like to highlight for you. I love the adorable green zebra blanket in the pics below with Connor. It is so soft and I love the vibrant color - plus it even came with a cute matching zebra toy. I also really like the 100% cotton flannel crib sheets. They are really soft and the polka dot print is so darling! Be sure to look at the toys while you are there as well & the sweet layette collection. Just look at everything - it's all great!

However, give me a minute to tell you about my absolute favorite thing from Kushies. I love, love, love, the My Bag. The girl style has cupcakes on it - hence why it is shown on Cupcake Day. This bag is the perfect way to stay organized with your child's stuff. It's great for sleepovers or daycare! Inside the cute bag are smartly labeled pouches that keep everything organized. There is a pouch for clean clothing, shoes, dirty clothing, soiled diapers - complete with a washable zippered bag insert, a sleepytime bag (to store the matching blanket & pillow that are just right for naptime), a pouch for medicine, and a pouch for snacks. It also has two side storage pockets. This bag comes with everything! All of the pouches have a place to write your child's name on as well - this helps your belongings from getting lost. I love the clean & dirty clothing bags - I know which clothing is clean in my son's bag but you'd be surprised how often he comes back dressed in dirty clothes. The pouches eliminate the confusion and keep the dirty clothing from touching the clean items. The shoe pouch is brilliant because you can avoid getting that nasty gunk on your kids shoes inside your bag & on the not dirty belongings. I could go on and on about this back - it is genius!!! Look at the video below to see it in action - did I mention how much my son likes having his own bag too? Get yours at Kushies!!

You can save 10% when you shop at Kushies! Just use the code hanwb08 at checkout!!

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seeryusfam@msn.com said...

I think I'm going to have to get one of these bags for Miss Pea. It would be GREAT for the days when she's over at grandma's house!

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