A double stroller with seating options!

The Contours Options Plus Tandem is the perfect stroller for parents who want to have lots of options! This cool stroller allows you seven different stroller positions. At first that sounds like a lot of work but changing/removing the seats to this stroller is really quick & easy. All you have to do is push the buttons on the sides and pull up. I love that this stroller gives you the ability to have your children face each other, face apart, face forward, or both face you! It also makes it easy to use your infant car seat because it comes complete with an easy to use car seat adapter (it's the same concept as installing a seat). You can also use two infant car seat attachments should you have twins. This stroller would be great for twins!! You could also remove one seat and use it as a single stroller. You've got your bases covered with this one.

The Contours Options Plus Tandem even comes with an Ipod dock with speaker that we slid in the pocket of one of the child's seat canopies. It kept Connor really happy as we strolled around. The stroller has 8" swivel wheels and 10" wheels that never go flat which is why this stroller is so easy to maneuver. It also helps that the stroller is front to back instead of side by side seating. Those double strollers are so hard to push through aisles!

The child's seats can recline by squeezing the handle on the back of your child's seat and the foot rests are adjustable. Both of the seats have a canopy on them for sun protection and the canopies adjust in all directions! The roomy bottom basket allows for lots, (seriously) lots of storage. Storage is a big plus for me - it seems like I have to tote so many items around just to go in the mall. There is my purse, diapers, cups, wipes, books, a few toys, snacks, and what if I should buy something? The Contours Options Plus Tandem also has two cup holders and a storage tray up top for mom.

I am a fan of this stroller but there are a few drawbacks I feel I should mention. It is a little bit heavy but I guess it has to be because of all it provides. The other is that although it is very easy to fold up & it stands easily on it's own once folded - in order to make it more compact you have to remove at least one seat. Remember though - seat removal is very easy. If you are looking for a stroller with a lot of seating options and storage than this stroller is perfect for you. It would be just right for mall shopping and neighborhood walks. If you want something for quick & easy trips in and out of various locations, it might be a little bit of a hassle. However, the affordable price was a huge perk and the fact that this stroller looks really sleek (you know you want to have a cool looking stroller). The seats have a bugaboo appeal to them and the stroller is no where near that insane price tag. My favorite thing was the seating options and all-in-all for me the good far outweighed the bad.

Check out the video of us using the Contours Options Plus Tandem:
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a wandering heart said...

So... do you prefer this one or the joovy overall?

Melissa said...

Hey wandering heart - send me an email at melissa@nowwhatbaby.com and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the double strollers that I have reviewed!! Look forward to hearing from you!

MamaJoss said...

Where can this stroller be purchased???

Melissa said...

You can get the stroller online at babies1st.com, comfort1st.com,juststollers.com, and chichatbaby.com. I'm sure that you can get it from other retailers but those were the 1st 4 I found. If I discover more I will keep you updated. I hope that helps!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what kind of infant car seat would be compatible with double stroller?

Melissa said...

The infant car seat adapter is compatible with the following car seats:
# Baby Trend® Flex-Loc
# • Baby Trend® Latch-Loc
# • Century® Avanta™
# • Century® Vanté™ Series
# • Combi® Connection™
# • Combi® Connection™
# • Costco® First Ride DX
# • Costco® First Ride DX
# • Costco®Turn-A-Bout®
# • Evenflo® Cozy Carry™
# • Evenflo® Discovery™
# • Evenflo® Embrace
# • Evenflo® Portabout™
# • Graco® Safe Seat™
# • Graco® Snug Ride™ Series
# • Peg Pérego PrimoViaggio
# • Peg Pérego S

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the seats are any larger than on the original contours tandem in red. People have said that was one complaint they had of the original if they had a larger toddler around thirty pounds.

Melissa said...

All of the seats including the red strollers have been modified since 2007. The seats from 2007 models on have been made larger. They are limited as to how big they can be because of the seating flexibility. My son is just turning 3. Currently it fits him comfortably, however, he will probably outgrow it in the next year. I hope that this is helpful :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think this stroller is easy to push on unsmooth paths and pavements, over bumps and holes, etc? Also, with two children in it, do you think it is much more difficult to push? thank you so much!

fialover said...

I cant find a side by side stroller that has seats you can face forward or face you anywhere in us. I have a 2 1/2 year old and due in Nov. The only one Ive found is in The Netherlands called First Wheels.I want it sooo bad but I cant find a place that will ship it here. Please help!!! Thanks

samantha said...

I just looked at the options tandem ( not the plus) at Babiesrus and loved it - I'm wondering if it comes with a rain cover

fialover said...

I just bought a firstwheels city twin. Im waiting for it to get delivered tomorrow. I chose the side by side because I kept picturing my children kicking the back of the other ones seat in a tandem.

Alyssa said...

I went out and bought this after reading online review after online review for the red one. i LOVE it! i am 5 months pregnant, and have NO trouble getting the stroller adjusted, folded, in the car, nothing. i cant screw on the handle bc it wont fit in my car (mazda 3 hatchback) and i take off both seats for that purpose. it is a fantastic stroller. easy to move, lots of room as she said. i love the options. i had my son who is 15 months and a nearly 3 year old in it last night kicking each other (laughing of course)and having a blast. my son is tall and i was able to recline the seat all the way back and he slept peacefully for the walk home. he is tall as is the other boy and neither of them seemed uncomfortable in it. i feel safe and secure using this. And when my other son arrives, i will still be able to do my daily things and shop and stuff and not worry about the stroller not fitting and not being safe. it is compact and not too heavy. for the price i paid i am 100% happy.

Anonymous said...

The product specs for this stroller said that two (2) Graco S infant car seats can be used (we are having twins) I read your list of the seats that will fit this stroller and I am unfamiliar with the "S" series...can Graco Step 1 be used?

Anonymous said...

what car seat brands are compatable with the tandem plus... are there any colour matches like in the demo?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw this stroller in Babies R US and loved it. My only question/concern is how difficult is it to fold up? Can it be folded with the seats in place? If the seats have to come off first, does that become a pain?


Now What Baby said...

While it isn't hard to fold up you do need to remove one of the seats. Fortunately the seats remove very easily. I usually remove both seats to make the stroller more compact because it is a pretty large stroller. It isn't the easiest stroller that I have tested to fold but for the size it does an excellent job.

Now What Baby said...

The following brands are compatible -
Baby Trend
Peg Perego

I am still searching for a perfect match for you - Although Combi & Peg Perego both make a great gray/black combo that looks pretty good with anything. Are you looking for one to match the blue or red stroller?

neena said...

i'm want this stroller in red so desperately but i live in canada and none of the local store or online sellers carry it.us online seller are not shipping in canada.if anybody here knows where in buy this stroller in canada?

MamaKelly said...

I had a double (side-by-side) that you could flip the seats around and have them facing different directions. It was called the Stroll-Air Spider Duo. I HATED IT! I think that with all doubles you sacrifice something, whether it's the easiness to push it through doors, the steering, etc. This stroller cost $800 and was crazy heavy. It took up the entire trunk of my Grand Cherokee and was kind of small for my older son (he was about 19 months when my youngest was born). His feet dangled and his head was touching the inside of the canopy when it was up. It was nice to have my youngest facing me, but not such a nice feature that I was willing to put up with everything else. The real capper was that on our first real outside walk, the stroller collapsed with my two kids in it! The company said that since I'd had the stroller for a few months that there was no way to tell that it was manufacturer's error! Turns out, you really have to snap it when you're unfolding it to get the stroller to stay up. I am now using a hand-me-down Peg Perego Aria for the time being and have been looking at the Phil & Ted Vibe and the Kolcraft Contours Options PLUS. I really would like something that I could take out on a brisk walk (still fighting the baby weight battle!), and to Disney in April. That's why I'm looking for a tandem now vs a side-by-side. Although, I am worried about taking the Kolcraft on the plane since you have to pop a seat off...would I need to take a bungee cord with me or something? I'm not sure if they make a travel bag for this stroller. Thanks! Good luck-I have yet to find a double that I love as much as my single!

MamaKelly said...

Hi-Just wondering if you have an opinion about this stroller vs the Phil & Ted Vibe? I am taking my boys to Disney in April (They're 2 1/2 and 13 months now) and want a tandem. I also want to be able to use the stroller for walks around parks, etc...And, finally, is there are travel bag for the Kolcraft? I am wondering about taking it on the plane to Florida. Thanks!

Erika said...

I'm having trouble finding the PLUS. All of the websites you listed in your response have the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem, but not the PLUS. Do you know where that can be purchased?

Anonymous said...

I found this stroller for sale on Amazon, listed as the Kolcraft Contours Tandem II.

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