Armpits like cupcakes!

I never thought that the scent of my armpits would make me crave a cupcake but with the pink cupcake vegan deodorant from Spa Therapy that actually happens. This deodorant smells amazing and it is safe for your body. It uses antiseptic action to neutralize odors but it dosn't interfere with the body's natural cooling process (you can still sweat but stink free). Why do you still want to sweat? Because when you use the typical antiperspirant it uses aluminum and chemicals to prevent perspiration. This causes a buildup of toxins in your body, which could eventually lead to serious problems. A little sweat never hurt anyone (well maybe if it is BO scented sweat) especially now that you can make yours smell like cupcakes!! It's also paraben & alcohol free!!

Spa Therapy has more to offer than just deodorant and all of the products are handmade. They contain no harsh chemicals or detergents. You can find soaps, shaving soaps, lotions, skin renewing body scrubs, even soothing bath salts. I love the Chocolate Roses Soothing Milk Bath. It is so relaxing and hydrating to your skin. It is so romantic because of the decadent scent of chocolate and the rose petals that will be floating in your tub. Indulge yourself and give your skin some nourishment! Visit Spa Therapy today!Best Blogger Tips


Spa Therapy Works said...

I'm please to hear that you enjoyed your Cupcake Deodorant and the Chocolate & Roses Milk Bath!
Thank you for posting your review. :)

udit said...

thank you for posting, good post, and I have tried it. :)

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