These shoes were made for walkin'

Three creative moms teamed up to bring us adorable shoes from Livie and Luca. When they couldn't find the shoes they desired for their toddlers - they created the shoes themselves! I for one am thrilled that they couldn't find the shoes they dreamed of because I love the shoes they made. The shoes at Livie and Luca are soft and flexible (made from soft leather, allowing the foot to breathe). They are fun and full of creativity! They are also all hand-made, making every single pair of Livie and Luca shoes unique.

Connor loves his Paulo Racer shoes. They are a bright blue (his favorite color) and he can do the velcro all by himself. These shoes do not give him blisters and they look so cute with his shorts and jeans. Livie and Luca has so many whimsical options for outfitting your toddlers tootsies. Some of my favorite styles are the Brown Elephants, Hoots and Navy Fun Dots! If you have been searching for unique but comfy shoes for your toddler - Livie and Luca is the place.

Here is a video of Connor wearing his Paulo Racer Shoes:

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Brian said...

I am looking for a boot for my baby this winter, and am seriously considering livie and luca. How strong would you say the leather seems? Would it hold up to dragging toes as he crawls around? thanks!
-caitlin (i don't know how to get out of my husband's blogger account! ;) )

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