My feet say "Mooo"

Stonz has created baby booties that are not only cute but serve many purposes. They are designed to slip on easily over whatever your child is wearing. You could put them over bare feet, socks, or even footie PJ's. They are wind and water resistant which makes them ideal for a cold day - not to mention the inner fleece lining that keeps your child's feet wrapped in soft warmth. They also have two adjustable toggles that make it possible to ensure the booties will stay on your baby's foot. Another great thing about the Stonz design is that they have a rubberized, skid resistant sole. I love to throw these over Connor's socks or PJ's because they keep him from slipping and falling on the kitchen floors.

On top of all the smart design features that Stonz have to offer they also have really adorable styles to choose from. I am crazy about the cow style booties but I also love the Brown Bear and Brown Polka Dot Booties. Take a few minutes to check out all the fun styles they have to offer - another nice thing about Stonz is that they will last a long time because they have a roomy fit made to grow with your munchkin (the large fits 1-3 years).

Here are a few pics of Connor wearing his Stonz Booties - they are so cute!!

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