Just the right size - Lychee Bag

There is a lot to love about the Little Lychee Madeline Diaper Bag. It is the perfect size for me! I don't need to tote as much stuff around (most days) and the Madeline bag is cleverly designed as a handbag. Honestly, I think this could be used as a handbag. I love the bright fresh fabric lining the inside and the well thought out design. This bag is very easy to find things in because it comes complete with a removable liner, as well as several inner pockets. It also has a outer cell phone pocket (great to be able to locate my phone again) and a outer pocket for a bottle, sippy cup, coffee cup, you get the idea. I really like the clip on key chain because it has drastically cut down on the time I spend digging around my bag for my keys!

The bags are all handmade with a high quality custom faux leather. This bag is available in 4 colors - chocolate, raspberry, black licorice, and key lime (now I just made myself hungry). Lychee Line also has beautiful baby blankets, hand knit baby clothing, and some great handbags for moms that no longer need a diaper bag. Mother's Day is coming up fast - spoil yourself or maybe get one for your mama!

Here's a pic of me with my Madeline bag and below that you can watch a short video that shows the inside of the bag in detail.

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