MomSpit? ? ?

Momspit...I'm sure this title intrigued you as much as it did me. I was lucky enough to get to test out all three lovely scents of this unique new product. It's still a bit of a mystery to me but one thing is for sure - it works!

Let me just start at the beginning. You know that disgusting thing that all moms have done at some point - the one where we lick our finger and then use it to clean the crud off our child's face. Momspit is here to replace that in a much more sanitary way. You just squeeze a little of the foam out and rub it on the yucky stuff and kazam - it magically disappears.

I know it sounds too good to be true but I promise it hasn't let me down yet. I have toted it along in my ginormous mom bag for about a week now and I have found it has solved many a sticky situation. I used it to get the sticky gummy bear gunk off my son's hands in the movie theatre. I've used it to eliminate the peanut butter & jelly face that constantly plagues my little boy. I've even used it on my own hands to mend the unavoidable transfer of whatever is on my kids hands to mine.

My top three reasons to try momspit it out:

  1. It is much less embarrassing than spitting on your child's face, not to mention sanitary.

  2. It doesn't contain alcohol so it is not harsh on your skin (and it smells really good!)

  3. You just have to see the dirt magically vanish to believe it!

A video of momspit in action:

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