Sanity saving sippy cup from Tommee Tippee

Sippy cups drive me mad but I have yet to find another option that keeps my child from pouring juice all over everything in my home. My biggest issue aside from the fact that the majority of them are undeserving of the title spill-proof, is the annoying cleaning process. Maybe you never tried the world of straw sippy cups but they were terrible to clean. My children would kindly hide their cups from me and when I would discover them under their bed, the couch, the car seat, etc.. they would be molded. Which is not only disgusting but pretty much the biggest pain ever to clean out of the little nooks and crannies in the sippy cup. Thus the vast majority of cups in our home ended up in the garbage.

Enter Tommee Tippee's Explora cups! They have renewed my faith in sippy cups. They are not only truly spill proof but they are super easy to clean! I have gone so far as to throw out all of my old sippy cups and replace them all with the Explora cups. I discovered them when our Babies R Us started carrying them and I just wanted to spread the joy. No longer must parents put up with sub par sippy cups, leaks, spills, and pain in the you know what cleaning. Try one out and I promise you'll be hooked. I'm just relieved to have found a solution to one of the many joys of parenting!

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