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I love lip balm but for some reason mine always seems to disappear. Blame it on my mischievous little ones or my inability to remember where I have put anything important but the problem still remains. Thus I am constantly buying new lip balms. Twist & Pout Lip Balm has stayed with me for over a month now. This is truly an accomplishment for me. The ultra-cute spheres can be ordered with a clip that allows you to attach it to your purse, keyring, or even your belt buckle should you need to keep close tabs on it. In addition to being able to keep up with it - this is a one-of-a-kind lip moisturizer because it is not only fashionable but it also provides full spectrum UVA/UVB lip protection. The exclusively patented formula uses a crucial combination of oils and butters which keep your lips looking healthy and hydrated. They have so many posh designs to choose from in categories like world tour, glamour, and even university!
  • Wrap it up: This has stocking stuffer all over it!! It would also be a really cute gift for a gal pal - you could wrap it up with a goodie bag full of holiday yummies.
  • Price Tag: $6 - $9
  • Where to Buy: Check out the collection at Twist & Pout, purchase at Amazon & Dillards

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