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My mom had old fashioned silhouettes of my brother, sister, and I over her piano. Growing up I always loved those pictures and once I had kids I knew I wanted some of my own. Stella & Hodge's Custom Silhouette Portraits offer a mod take on traditional silhouettes. I love the vivid colors and prints she uses on the background. You get to send in the image of your child that you love (side view) and you also chose the background. They really make a personal and unique touch to any room in your home. I think they would make a really special gift for grandparents too! Stella & Hodge also has some custom silhouette necklaces that I am so in love with. When you check out this cool Etsy shop take notice of the gorgeous jewelry, beautiful paper goods, and the really cool prints they offer for your home! Check out the picture below to see the gorgeous Custom Silhouettes Stella & Hodge made for my home! I was very impressed by how helpful and dedicated the shop's owner was to making sure the prints were exactly what I wanted. She is a pleasure to order from!
  • Wrap it up: Any grandparent would be delighted to get a set of these custom prints or any parent! What about doing a set for a newly married couple? Also it would be really nice to frame them for the recipient or have a gift card for a framing place. I got my frames at Target for only $10 a frame.
  • Price Tag: $30 per silhouette
  • Where to buy: Stella & Hodge

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Devon of STELLAandHODGE said...

Thank you so much for such a sweet post! I'm so glad you are enjoying the silhouettes!

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