Safety 1st lives up to their name with Air Protect Technology!

Protecting my children is always a top priority on my list when shopping for their gear. When it comes to their car seat that is my #1 concern. I was lucky enough to get the chance to review Safety 1st's Complete Air Car seat with Air Protect Technology and I am so thrilled with it! It has so much to offer in all categories but it really excels where it counts - keeping my little one safe.

Air Protect technology is a innovative new technology that protects your child's most vulnerable spot - their head. This unique technology recognized the need for a car seat that was made to protect the head during the most dangerous types of car crashes for young children - side impact collisions. These deadly car crashes are responsible for one third of child fatalities, most of which have to do with head trauma. Scary statistics to know but it definitely is better to be informed than in the dark. Once I learned this I couldn't help but notice how little protection my current car seat provided to my son's little head. There is a pretty big gap on both sides before his noggin actually touches the car seat. When we put him in the Complete Air Car Seat I instantly saw a huge difference - his head was very close to the side impact head wings at the top of the car seat. These special wings are the amazing safety feature of this seat - when your car is hit they will release air upon impact which reduces the amount of time it takes for your child's head to come to a complete stop.

The car seat holds children from 5 - 40 lbs and can be both rear facing & forward facing. This means that not only is it providing my children with top of the line protection but it will also last them a long time. I will no longer have to keep purchasing one car seat after another as they grow. I can use this one right up to the booster seat. I also like the look of the seat. It looks modern and stylish - the brown color was genius for our family. I basically hides all stains - including chocolate milk. But if you prefer a different color there are several different options. No need for a car seat cover with this one! You can easily adjust the harness height on the front of the car seat - so glad to see someone decided to make a car seat that can be adjusted with out being removed!

My son seems to really love the Safety 1st Complete Air Car Seat. He no longer whines and fusses when I buckle him in. He looks completely comfy and I can rest easy knowing he is safe in his seat. You can find out more and view a video of this stand out seat here and you can buy your own pretty much anywhere - from Target, to Walmart, even Babies R Us, and of course online.

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