One pair with so many possibilities...

The Lindsay Phillips Ballet Flats are flawless! I am completely enamored with these adorable shoes. First of all they are the most comfortable ballet flats I have ever worn. They honestly feel like bedroom slippers. So soft and cozy. The most amazing part however is that you can change the look of these shoes instantly just by swapping out the interchangeable snaps. There 11 different snaps to choose from and swapping them out is as easy as it sounds. They simply snap on and snap off! One pair of ballet flats with 11 snaps would be like having 11 shoes in one. If you were to buy a pair in every color than you would have 33 shoe options! I love all the beautiful snap designs and something tells me this is a gift any lady would really appreciate!
  • Wrap it up: This shoe box has endless possibilities! Wrap up a pair and then perhaps add a few snaps to her stocking for an extra surprise.
  • Age: Size 6 - 11
  • Price Tag: $64 for the Ballet Flats and $12 per snap
  • Where to buy: Lindsay Phillips

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