Mandatory Parental Stocking Stuffer

Hats off to the genius minds that created the Zibra Open It! As much fun as Christmas morning is, I know that I am going to be spending lots of it struggling to open my kid's toys. Why do they package toys in those plastic clamshells? They are impossible to open!!!! It makes me crazy trying to get products freed from their confines. Or what about all the twist ties and those tight plastic straps. If I can't get it open - I guarantee my children can't. It just seems like a little overkill. Make the a LOT of overkill. Zibra's handy tool takes all the frustration out of opening. It kind of makes it fun. I like to see how quickly I can get items open now. Not only does it have some heavy duty precision alloy steel jaws but it also has a retractable utility knife (with a safety lock) and a screw driver built in. Now you can easily open cd's & dvds. Plus you can unscrew the battery compartment too. Sometimes you even need to unscrew toys from their packages (INSANITY)! I love this tool. LOVE. THIS. TOOL. Every parent should be so lucky to find one in their stocking this year!
  • Wrap it up: Insert in stocking so that you can unwrap your gifts!
  • Age: Adult
  • Price Tag: $9.99
  • Where to Buy: It's now available at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide

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Meg said...

haha- this one is great!!!!

mudrunnersmom said...

I am a subscriber

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