A little fishie free from harmful bpa

Let's just be honest...little babies aren't that into toys. They are however, into putting stuff in their mouths. They like to chew on everything in site. With the Natursutten Chill-it Fish you can trust that your little one is chomping on a sea buddy that is not full of toxins. Designed with safety in mind, it's made from non-toxic EVA plastic (which contains no bpa, phthalates, or pvc). This teether is not meant to freeze, just to chill in the fridge. My little guy seemed to like it better that way, plus - it does not have that funky scent that all those freezable teethers seem to have. That scent really bothers me.

  • Wrap it up: This one is perfect to stuff in a stocking or try wrapping it up with the Natursutten Chill-it Apple teether (you can pick up from Zoe B Organic too). The pair of them make a really cute gift that needs only a dainty tag and a ribbon to tie them together with a bow (plus baby will like the ribbon too).
  • Age: 0+
  • Price Tag: $11.75
  • Where to buy: Zoe B Organic

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