Keys that please!

Babies love car keys. However, I don't love love what they can do to baby's gums or the way my keys tend to go into hiding when my little one gets them. It once took me 2 days to discover they were hiding in the bottom of our shoe bin. The Maple Wood Teether Key Set is a much better option when it comes to chewing on keys and maintaining mommy's sanity. This 3 key set is made by hand and also features a maple key FOB. It's not only high on the adorable meter, it's also built to last. This is destined to be a teether even your grand kids will enjoy.

  • Wrap it up: While the size is right for a stocking stuffer, I can also see this baby in a little box (like you see on the car commercials) and after they open it you take them to the window to see their shiny new little tikes cozy coupe!
  • Age: 0+
  • Price Tag: $22.00
  • Where to buy: Sonny Boutique

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