Hey frog...get a room

My kids really like nature and all it's creatures. I myself only care for nature's cuddly creatures. Snakes, bugs, reptiles, and so on are not on my list of things to get acquainted with. However, with the Discovery Frog Pond Habitat nature and I have found a compromise. This surprisingly cute self contained environment provides the perfect place for a tadpole to become a frog. The habitat is decorated like the rain forest and it's not only break-resistant but also escape proof. The escape thing was pretty important to this mama. Your little froggy will enjoy many of the comforts of home, like a shallow water area, land area with the look of vegetation, and even a faux cave for a little frog-time. Your tadpole does not arrive with the habitat but it shipped directly to your home and you can preorder their arrival. This is not only lots of fun for your children and a good substitute for a pet, but it is also a great learning device.
  • Wrap it up: Try packaging this one up with a cute but informative book about frogs or even with a toy frog to live inside until the tadpole arrives.
  • Age: 5+
  • Cost: $29.95
  • Where to Buy: The Discovery Store

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