A great alternative to a live pet!

Wowwee has always impressed me with the life like nature of their entire Alive line. If your child is too young for the responsibility of a pet by won't stop begging, this is a good stand in. The Alive line recently introduced two new cute cuddly options. The Mini Cubs are so adorable!! You can get them in a white tiger, lion, panda, or leopard. These little guys are begging to be mothered with their 7 sweet baby animal sounds. You child can feed them with the included bottle or watch them fall asleep when they leave them alone. They even respond to being picked up and laid down. They are simply darling and shockingly lifelike, however you won't find any little animal messes around your home.

The Sleeping Cuties make me want to curl up for a nap. They look so sweet and cozy as they sleep. They are the perfect companion for your little one's naptime or bedtime. These realistic creatures make sounds as they sleep and as they play. Their eyes will open and close. They can even lift their heads and move their paws. You can put them to sleep by rubbing their head or wake them by petting their head. There is both a labradoodle and a beagle to choose from. My boys both love the Alive animals from Wowwee and constantly fight to play with them. I think my youngest actually believes that they are alive. It's so cute to see his reaction as their eyes open or they move about. Any little cutie from the Alive line is sure to delight the child on your holiday list. You can see them both in action in the below videos too!
  • Wrap it up: I think they would be really cute to package with a dog bed or some dog clothing. You can find some super cute pet accessories to make the experience even more realistic for you little one!
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: Alive Minis $19.99, Sleeping Cuties $34.99
  • Where to buy: Learn more online at Wowwee or purchase at Target, Amazon, and Radioshack

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Lindsey said...

These are really cute - lol. My daughter would love one!

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