A good nap is a wonderful present

No adult would complain about the gift of a relaxing nap. I would be elated. The Downtime Organic Sleepy Hat is a wonderful present for any wee one. It's not like they don't have enough toys already and nap time is actually a present to the entire family. Young ones need to nap all over the place and this cute little hat makes peaceful rest much easier for them. This 100% organic cotton hat allows you to fold down the top to reveal cute eyelashes and the ability to block out the light. It's amazing how much better you sleep without light creeping into your eyes (I myself sleep with a mask) and this little hat makes it clear to anyone around that baby is sleeping. The breathable fabric is ultra soft. It works like a charm if you just put it on like a hat when they are getting sleepy and after their eyes close unfold the hat to cover their eyes. They get a restful nap and then everyone is much happier.
  • Wrap it up: This would make the cutest gift if you packaged it up with a stuffed naptime buddy and perhaps a cuddly blankie or one of those animal shaped pillows that support the neck.
  • Age: 3 mths+
  • Price Tag: $16.99
  • Where to buy: Zoe B Organic

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