Wonder Nail is completely wonderful!

Isadora's Wonder Nail ($7) earned our pick as best nail polish for so many reasons! The polish is so highly pigmented that you can get gorgeous nails with just one coat. It glides on easily and streak-free. My favorite part is how quickly it dries. I rarely paint my nails because it seems I can never have enough time to let them dry. When I use Wonder Nails they dry quick and look great. Wonder Nails is made without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, DBT, camphor, and toluene. I am completely obsessed with the Smoky Grey shade. It is the perfect shade for fall and winter. I am wearing it daily!!

Isadora also has so many amazing makeup options for fall. I am loving their eye shadow palette in Smoky Eyes ($19). The colors make it easy to achieve that sleek smoky eye look. However the colors can also be used to create a subtly beautiful look for day. When applied they blend easily and stay put. Their Fine Liner Eye Stylo ($13) is a liquid eyeliner. It's thin nylon tip makes it easy to apply a very precise line. It's kind of like using a magic marker to me. The richly pigmented eyeliner lasts all day and can easily give you a dramatic look for night.

Their Flashy Curl Mascara ($15) is FLAWLESS. It delivers thick, long, sexy lashes every time. The curved wand gives your lashes curls and lifts them to give you a wide eyed look. It doesn't smudge and tears won't make it budge. It is addicting and can make you look beautiful all by itself. Lastly - Isadora's Plump n' Plump Lip Gloss in Pearly Vanilla ($18) had me from the moment I saw it's name. I love pearls and vanilla is my favorite scent so I was pretty curious what this gloss could do for me. It actually uses marine collagen that comes from seaweed to gently plump your lips. When you brush on this gloss your lips will shine and have a full Hollywood pout. I really liked the color of the gloss because it was so flattering and subtle. It gave me a healthy glow and it also moisturized my lips. Isadora has a great collection of makeup for you. You can view their full collection by visiting Isadora!Best Blogger Tips

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Kristin said...

This looks fabulous!!

I grabbed the new banner. Love the new look!

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