UMI Shoes

I am hooked on UMI shoes. I don't think anything can compare when it comes to children's footwear. I adore the funky, fun, and classic styles they have in their collection. I am beyond impressed by the construction of their shoes. Not only are they comfortable for little feet but they are easy to walk in & to put on. Finding a pair of shoes that my clumsy walker (age 1) would leave on and wouldn't trip in was quite the challenge. We tried out two pairs of shoes from the UMI collection and both passed the challenge. With shoes to fit baby, boy, and girl - I no longer need to search for shoes for my little ones. I know that I can find something for both of my children and they will live in them. In addition to the wonderful construction of UMI shoes - they are just so cute. I can't go anywhere without people asking where I found the shoes on my little guy. The galaxy shoes you see above get so much attention from fellow moms. I love that you get such great style from a company that won't compromise on quality. UMI works hard to make real shoes for a growing child's foot. They have high standards when it comes to materials and construct their footwear from nappa & nubuck leather. Their durable shoes even flex and bend with your child's foot. You can view the entire collection and get shopping online today by visiting UMI shoes! You can save $5 using the coupon code nowwhat1030 (expires 10/31/09).Best Blogger Tips

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