Mally Beauty's wide range of stellar beauty products

Mally Beauty's Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner Trio won our award for Best Eyeliner. We were amazed at the budge proof formula. It truly out stood just about anything - even a girl's night out - without leaving us with raccoon eyes. I love the gorgeous colors in this trio. The midnight black, lucky penny, and Caribbean sea are just right for fall and winter. The colors glide on and are so vivid. They smooth & creamy pencils deliver professional and impressive results.

Mally Beauty has SO many amazing products to chose from. We also loved their new Facets Gemlight Lip Gloss. The shine it delivered was gorgeous and the precise applicator was so easy to use. We loved the pink sapphire shade and found it flattering to all of us. The Liquid Light Eyecolor has magical powers - seriously. It transforms from powder to liquid and then back to powder again. When it touches your skin it turns to a cream and then back to a powder. It's convenient, easy to apply, and long lasting. As a bonus it comes packaged with a double-ended brush that makes it ultra easy to apply. The 24/7 Instant Erase Quick Concealer was so unique. It's a 2-step system that instantly erases dark circles and blemishes. You just swipe the cream stick under your eyes or on blemishes. Then softly blend into your skin with your fingers. The final step is to dab the translucent powder over the cream and watch as the magical setting power is activated. The results are something to write home about and the coverage will last the whole day. You can check out these and many more amazing beauty products by visiting Mally Beauty.Best Blogger Tips

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