Kiss makes great nails instantly!

The Everlasting Nail Kits from Kiss earned our vote as best instant nail fix! When you use one of these kits you need little time or money to get professional looking nails. The unique technology used to make Everlasting Nails uses bonded layers to create their most durable nail ever. They don't chip. Seriously - I tried to make it chip and failed miserably. Application is so easy with the white tabs. You won't wind up with glue on your fingers or worse your finger glued to your nail. You just put a thin layer of glue on both the nail and your fingernail and then press & hold the nail on for 5 seconds. Voila - you have gorgeous nails in less time than it would take you to paint them. At the low cost of $5.99 it is pretty equal to the cost of one bottle of nail polish. So when I want great nails this is my go-to product. Kiss even has sets for your toenails too! You can find out more and view all the options by visiting Kiss!Best Blogger Tips

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