Julie Hewett gives our lips something to talk about!

We chose Julie Hewett's Camellia Lip Balm Pot as the best luxury lip balm. When I put on this chic little lip balm I could truly tell a difference from other options. It felt amazing, luxurious, and it quickly became a lip addiction. Not only does this unique balm make your lips glow with healthy shine but it actually helps make them truly healthy. It protects and heals your lips with it's blend of essential oils. The organic formula is made with ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and the essential oils of rose, camellia, and orange. It is also completely free of parabens. I love the natural, neutral shade that allows your lip color to shine through. When wearing this balm my lips feel so moisturized and it will even protect your lips from UV rays.

We also loved Julie Hewett's Bud of Rose Blush Box. The gorgeous shade of pink powder blush was flattering on all of us. It gave you that healthy rosy glow. Easy to apply and long lasting it is sure to be a product used frequently by all the NWB testers. You can see the full range of impressive beauty products from Julie Hewett by clicking here.Best Blogger Tips

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