An extra hand for your hair

Our pick for the Best Gadget for your hair is the DevaFuser. This cool gizmo is unlike any diffuser we have ever seen and it works better too. This revolutionary hand shaped diffuser does an amazing job of gently drying your curls without overheating them. We were really impressed at how much of a difference it made in comparison to our old diffusers.

You can also find some really useful styling products from DevaCurl. I loved the B'Leave In - it boosts curls while also adding volume and moisture to your hair. My hair usually has only a wave when I don't straighten it but the B'Leave In helped to reveal and shape my waves into curls when I used it on wet hair. Their newest edition to the DevaCurl collection is MirrorCurls. It's a 99% naturally derived formula that is also silicone free and water soluable. When you use it to scrunch your wet or dry curls it not only delivers moisture but it also gives your curls an impressive shine. DevaCurl has everything that you need to get your curls looking their very best and you can do all your shopping online at the DevaCurl site.Best Blogger Tips

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