You're the designer at indiDenim's Design Vault

It's no secret that I think indiDenim is an amazing place to get your denim. The custom jeans they create for you are unlike anything you will ever find. Recently indiDenim debuted a really cool new feature called the Design Vault. Now when you design your custom jeans you can publish them and include designer name, jean name, and jean description. People will actually be able to buy your design! So when someone asks you where you found your amazing jeans - you can tell them to visit indiDenim and buy the "insert your name here". Right now you will be entered to win a pair of jeans just for creating a design for the Design Vault. The coolest thing about this new feature - when you design your jeans you actually get to see what they will look like before you order them. So start designing and while your there - check out the Design Vault to see the Now What Baby's Baby Fat Eraser jean!Best Blogger Tips

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